Lake Pécs & Orfü

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The municipality of Orfű is located on three man-made lakes (Orfűi-tó or Kis-tó, Pécsitó and Herman-Ottó-tó). While the first two lakes are suitable for swimming and sailing, the Herman-Ottó-tó is a nature reserve where only fishing is allowed. There is a sailing club at Pécsi-to and the Orfű Aquapark was opened at the end of August 2010. In the summer months you can use a variety of water sports (canoeing, water cannons, sailing) around the large lake. There is also a fishing village (Horgászfalu). You can find numerous holiday homes and pensions as well as two riding stables. From the lookout tower (Kiláto) located on a hill you can see over the whole valley with the lakes. In addition there is a Mill Museum, where millers mill wheat and sell homemade bread.
Orfü Auqapark website
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