In response to the challenges of this year’s season caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Nature Camping Máré-Vára has paid special attention to health, cleanliness and personal space. In order to guarantee you a pleasant, safe and relaxing stay in nature, we have taken the following measures:


  • A 1.5 m distance during the check-in at the reception desk; lounge furniture and recliner chairs in common areas have been rearranged to meet the prescribed social distancing measures (the space between deck chairs in the pool area, the space between bar tables, waiting area furniture by the reception desk).
  • Chair arms, if any, are disinfected frequently.
  • Protective masks and gloves are available to all guests upon request.


  • Our campsite staff is familiar with all the measures recommended by the World Health Organization, as well as national and local health institutions.
  • The staff members check their body temperature before heading to work on a daily basis and maintain good personal hygiene, especially by regularly washing and disinfecting their hands.
  • Use of prescribed protective equipment during guest interaction is mandatory.
  • Additional hand sanitisers are available in staff areas.
  • Our staff undergo specialised training courses about COVID-19 and related protection measures.


  • Disinfectants are made available upon entering the reception area, where guests can read the notices about the recommendations and measures implemented to prevent the spread of infection.
  • The reception area is aired and disinfected thoroughly and frequently.
  • Daily disinfection of the reception desk and the pertaining floor area is carried out more frequently.
  • Signage and distance marks have been placed throughout the facility to remind our guests to keep the prescribed distance and apply the protection measures.


  • Accommodations cleaning meets high hygiene standards, and includes an even more detailed surface disinfection.
  • Accommodations guests may opt for complete privacy (staff members will not enter their accommodation unit unless asked to do so).


  • Contactless disinfectants are available at Büfé entrances.
  • Seating areas have been arranged to ensure the recommended social distance between guests.
  • Tables undergo thorough cleaning and disinfection upon every guest departure.
  • Daily disinfection of Büfé floors is carried out more frequently.
  • Stricter food handling protocols and protections measures are applied.


  • Information with health and safety guidelines and social distancing indicators are placed in all sanitary facilities.
  • Sanitary facilities’ cleaning, disinfection and ventilation have been intensified.


  • Health and safety guidelines as well as social distancing indicators are present throughout the facilities for easy reference.
  • Pool sun loungers have been arranged to ensure social distancing measures.
  • All facilities are cleaned and disinfected regularly and thoroughly, while all indoor areas are frequently aired.
  • All sports and animation activities have been modified to comply with the recommendations from relevant authorities.
  • Sports and entertainment programmes require prior reservation of service time.

Thank you for following the instructions and helping us to ensure the highest levels of health and safety standards for all our guests and employees!

Current Corona (COVID-19) Virus Data

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