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What we do

For our environment

Against the backdrop of limited energy resources and increasing environmental problems, we are more than ever called upon to act more responsibly. We are aware that when you travel to a holiday destination, the environment is polluted. All the more, we endeavor to make an active contribution to environmental protection through resource-saving activities. This is also reflected in our commitment to supporting active environmental projects outside our campsite.

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icon 1Environmental protection knows no holidays!
Nature Camping Máré-Vára

Eco Camping Contributions

nature conservancy

Nature Conservancy


    • Avoidance of pesticides (poisons)
    • Preservation of the old trees
    • Planting native trees
    • Composting of green waste
    • No sealing of the paths and pitches
    • Nesting opportunities for birds and insects

and much more…




    • Waste separation & Recycling
    • Regenerative energy generation
    • Energy-saving lighting
    • Class A home appliances
    • Ecological cleaning products
    • Water-saving toilets & faucets
    • Accessible by public transport
    • Regional foods

and much more…

eco campsite

Eco Lables


We have already received several awards for our efforts. In order to qualify for the seal of approval, a campsite must meet a large number of requirements for environmentally responsible and sustainable management. A regular review is carried out by independent experts.

“Environment Champion”

natura 2000

Mecsek National Park

An area within the Natura 2000 project

Natura 2000 is a coherent network of protected areas within the European Union that has been established since 1992 in accordance with the requirements of the Fauna-Flora-Habitat Directive. Its purpose is the transnational protection of endangered wild native plant and animal species and their natural habitats.

We are proud of that!

animal welfare hungary

Animal Welfare

Happy Dog Hungary

We support Happy Dog Hungary, a registered association that has set itself the task of rescuing dogs from killing stations and looking for a new home for them. The dogs are vaccinated and get EU papers.

Don`t buy dogs at public markets!

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Small measure – big effect

Foodsharing means nothing other than sharing food with others. Many people simply dispose groceries after their holidays, because transportation is often difficult or even impossible. To limit this waste of resources, we offer a collection area where those foods can be made available to others.

– 10% wastage



– 15 %

Our ambitious target for this year is a further 15% resource savings.

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