Castle of Máré (Máré-vár)

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The castle of Maré was built in Gothic style in the age of Tartar invasion in the 13th century. The first written mention was in 1316. Later, in the 16th century it was rebuilt in a Renaissance style. Under the Turkish occupation it was demolished. Later the strategically ruin was used as a Turkish sentry. The castle was mentioned as the property of the bishop of Pécs in the 17th century. Then it was an unknown building for 300 years. The ruins were only visited by tourists. Under the archaeological excavation the remains were restored in the 20th century. Nowadays, there are exhibitions about the history of the castle and about the East-Mecsek’s wildlife in the castle’s museum. You can know all information and a love story about the castle which is go back to the medieval age. If we go up on the wooden stairs, we see a special mixture of the history and the nature around us.
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