Campsite Update 2023

Dear friends,

As every year, we would like to give you an campsite update during the last months.

The prices in Hungary have risen massively in the last few months, currently the inflation rate is about 25%. Despite the price increases, we have only slightly raised the 2023 prices for the stay at the campsite! However, there is a significant increase in electricity prices and also for drinks and ice cream from the buffet. You will also have to reckon with higher prices when shopping at the supermarkets. Nevertheless, we are still far away from the prices in the rest of Europe and in comparison it is still inexpensive to spend your holidays here.

Of course, the price increases also had an impact on our investment possibilities and thus on the number of innovations for 2023. In addition, some urgently needed renovation work was due on our residential house, which further restricted our investment budget.

Here is an overview of our work over the last months:

The roof of the Büfé terrace was renewed.
The entire electrical system and control of our water supply was renewed.
The children’s play and event area was enlarged a little bit and a new privacy screen was put up all around.
We bought a new party tent for the communal area.
The ceiling in the büfé has been repaired.
We have laid a new power supply in the lower area.
The terrace for our staff next to the Büfé has been completely redesigned.
The outside area was partly redesigned and many new trees and plants were added.
By the end of June, a new wooden house will be built in which we want to accommodate the massage area.

We think that despite the adverse conditions we could contribute a lot to make your stay even more pleasant. We are looking forward to an exciting and hopefully successful season and of course to your visit.

Karsten Fischer

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